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About Us

      Who We Are

      Beijing Ming Hang Law Firm is a firm committed to helping clients dig into solutions to complex & knotty legal issues, a Beijing-based law firm providing legal services to the clients coming from China and the world and an international law firm connecting China with the whole world.

      As for the practice areas, Ming Hang Law Firm is a leading law firm that specializes in international marriage, international family and international property.

      What We Do

      As a local law firm based in Beijing, the capital of the China, Ming Hang Law Firm’s service covers the whole of China, we are providing solutions for both individuals and organizations from any area. A lot of clients outside Beijing turn to Ming Hang Law Firm for legal aid through various channels, and Ming Hang Law Firm has helped them get rid of distress and pressure.

      For a foreign individual, enterprise or organization, a helpful Chinese lawyer is needed definitely when facing legal issues in China. In fact, it is not easy to find a suitable Chinese lawyer or law firm due to culture difference and law difference between your mother country and China. Even though some lawyers can speak English, they still cannot communicate with foreign clients very well. Language is just a fraction of international communication, the deficiency of experience in cross-culture communication may lead to misunderstanding between lawyers and the clients, furthermore, it may greatly affect the efficiency in problem-solving. Ming Hang Law Firm is experienced in international communication, we are good at dealing with conflicts caused by culture differences and law differences. Meanwhile, we always insist on the principles of good faith, professionalism and responsibility during service and we have won recognition from the Chinese & international clients. With these advantages, Ming Hang Law Firm has helped both domestic and international clients solve their legal issues related to China, and even the important, difficult and complex legal issues.

      In details, our practice areas include: marriage and family and property, litigation and arbitration, commercial transaction, government relation and public relations, etc.

      Our Advantages

      Ming Hang Law Firm’s first advantage - we are able to do what others cannot do. Ming Hang can handle the case that most lawyers think it impossible to solve or realize. Often, the clients consulted a lot of lawyers but couldn’t find the effective solution then turn to Ming Hang Law Firm for help. We can help clients dig into solutions on the basis of the detailed fact of a case and legal practice, and taking government relations and public relations and other factors into account. In the past, Ming Hang Law Firm has successfully found solutions to important and knotty issues for many clients.

      Ming Hang Law Firm’s second advantage - we can deal with government relations in a proper way. An important case is usually related to government, the full and proper communication with government therefore is crucial for problem-solving, which will gain the farthest understanding and support therefrom. However, many lawyers fail to do this. Ming Hang Law Firm, by contrary, has a wealth of experience in this aspect. We can help clients formulate strategy of government relation and communicate with government properly, as have made success in solving issues that could have failed to be solved for the clients.

      Ming Hang Law Firm’s third advantage - we can deal with public relations in a proper manner. For the high-profile case, Ming Hang lawyer can keep calm and rational and deal with the public relations with extremely prudent attitude and method. We keep a long-term relationship with numerous domestic and international media, including but not limited to CCTV, China Daily, Global Times, New.cn, people.cn, ifeng.com, sina.com, New York Times, Washington Post and so on. With rich experience of public relations, Ming Hang Law Firm gains understanding and support from the public through rationally guiding public opinion, so that the cases goes towards the direction favorable for our clients.

      Ming Hang Law Firm’s forth advantage - internationalization. All the while,Ming Hang Law Firm has been committed to providing legal services for international clients and accumulated rich experience thereof. Meanwhile, we have kept communication and connection with different countries’ embassies in China, chambers of commerce, international law firms and many other international organizations worldwide.

      Representative Cases

      1. Crazy English Founder’s Divorce Case
      Qi Lianfeng, the founder of Ming Hang Law Firm, represented Kim Lee to divorce with her ex-husband who is the founder of Crazy English. This case was a high-profile case because the husband is a top-level famous person in China. So, this case was reported and retransmitted by thousands of Chinese & international media, including CCTV, Associated Press, CNN, New York Times, Peoples Network and China Daily, etc. In this case, the wife was in an extremely disadvantage situation. Most lawyers and the public therefore believed that Kim Lee would have no opportunity to win the case. However against all expectations, Lianfeng Qi helped Kim Lee obtain 12,050,000 RMB and all kids’ custody through one and a half years’ hard work.

      2. One People Representative’s Divorce Case
      We ever took just in 40 days to successfully help a representative of certain provincial People’s Congress deal with divorce case and solve the tricky marital issue that had lasted for 7 years. As a result, the husband and the wife have ended the 7-year ordeal and have started their respective new and happy life.

      3. A Divorce Case Including Forged Debt
      In one divorce case, one party painstakingly forged a huge debts in an attempt to win custody of the children, as made the simple divorce case surprisingly complicated. Qi intensively studied the facts of case and relevant laws, excavated resolutions, and finally won the case. The result of the case was that the aforesaid debts were concluded false and custody of the children was not affected by the forged debts.

      4. A Hong Kong Family Enterprise’s Property Division
      The dispute on property division in a Hong Kong family enterprise related to property in China mainland. Lawyer Qi Lianfeng was commissioned by the client to investigate property, negotiate with all parties, and draft the property division agreement for the client. Finally, Qi helped the client complete property division successfully.

      5. International Intellectual Property License Agreement with Ten Million Dollars
      Lawyer Qi Lianfeng helped a client reach an international Intellectual Property License Agreement with 10 Millons Dollars and participated in the whole process of negotiation on this project. Qi was in charge of all the legal works himself after project launch.

      6. Real Estate Equity Merger Program
      Lawyer Qi Lianfeng once participated in a real estate M&A project that was conducted by the way of acquiring the equity of target company. Qi participated in all the work of negotiation and contract drafting in this project. During the process, Qi negotiated with all parties and designed legal framework in order to successfully complete this project and prevent legal risks.

      In addition to the above cases, we also handled a great many knotty marriage cases, administrative lawsuits and other cases for our clients.

      Our Faith

      "Ming Hang", just as the name implies, "Ming" means “clear and definite” in Chinese and “Hang” means "navigation" in Chinese. "Ming Hang" indicates that this law firm can help our clients get onto clear way. We are ready to set sail and assist you in achieving great success both in life and career.