Qi Lianfeng gave speech at EuroCham
  • The founder of Beijing Minghang Law Firm, Mr Qi Lianfeng, was invited by the Legal Group of European Chamber in Beijing to give a speech on " Civil & Commercial LItigation Practice in China" on Oct 28, 2016. 

    Due to the limitation in China, western lawyers cannot practice litigation of  lawsuit in China, but many of them are very keen to learn about the procedure and wonder what the keypoints they need to pay attention to, also, they would like to know if "Guanxi" is really vital in a lawsuit. According to these concerns, Qi Lianfeng prepared a 30-page Powerpoint presentation as a month ago, to cover all the major topics in litigation practice in China. 

    In his presentation, Qi lianfeng not only shared the overview of litigation law in China, the key points of producing evidence, the limitation of actions and property preservation, but also use his own experience and case study to illustrate the procedure of filing a lawsuit to China court, and also explained the influence of "Guanxi" in a lawsuit. 

    European Chamber Legal Group connected both its Beijing office but its Shanghai office to this event, thus, lawyers from all the major western law firms attended this seminar. During Qi's presentation, many lawyers raised very good questions on some details, and Qi Lianfeng gave very frank and careful answers to those questions. 

    "This is a very good presentation which contains lots of detailed information," the Legal Team Leader of European Chamber said, "We can see that the interaction between the speaker and the audience is quite active, which means, the audience of this seminar are really listening and thinking." 

    Both Qi Lianfeng and European Chamber believe that this is a win-win cooperation for both sides and they agreed to cooperate more in future. 

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