Qi Lianfeng gave speech at Cancham
  • China’s leading family lawyer QI Lianfeng gave a speech at Shanghai Cancham on Sep 8 at the Kerry Centre. Tens of attendees came to this event with the questions that they concerned the most.

    Cross-cultural marriage and property dispute has always been a headache to some of the westerns in China. Due to the differences in laws and regulations, let alone the culture difference, some westerners misunderstand the situation and make wrong decision on crucial matters, in result, they normally find themselves in dilemmas.

    At this event, Lawyer QI lianfeng shared his experience and insights on the Crazy English divorce case, which was a well-known cross-cultural domestic violence case in 2011. Lawyer QI Lianfeng spent 1.5 years and eventually helped Kim LEE won the custody for 3 children with 12 million RMB in the end.

    QI Lianfeng also shared his professional knowledge on cross-cultural marriage dispute and property dispute, international inheritance and adoption process, as well as Chinese laws and regulations on inhabitation. The audience not only learned the “must know” in China, but also brought up their own questions which were answered patiently by the lawyer. Some of the audience brought up over a dozen questions, and the planned 90-min seminar was prolong to 150 minutes in the end ! Though it was a long meeting, the room was filled up with laughters and cheers, not boring at all. 

    “Even I was well prepared, I still felt bombarded by a series of questions from the audience.” QI said, “But I am happy to see that most people came to this event with questions, and I truly hope my presentation could help them in life.”

    After the seminar, many of the audience came up the QI Lianfeng and asked for his contact information. Cancham also granted QI with an acknowledgement certificate for his wonderful presentation.

    Cancham and QI Lianfeng have agreed to keep a long-term cooperation and will work out a future plan for quarterly seminars so that more westerners can be benefited and legally protected in China and less of them stuck in dilemmas.

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