International Criminal Litigation
  • An international criminal litigation case means a case involving foreign-related factor. Foreign-related factors refer to the international factors contained in domestic criminal cases, mainly in the following three aspects: first, the defendants or the victims are foreigners (including stateless persons); second, the criminal act or result occurs in foreign countries or involved in foreign countries, organizations, civic interests of a foreign country; third, the applicable law guide to foreign laws or relevant international treaties and agreements.

    When a foreign enterprise or a foreign individual meets criminal issues in China, a Chinese lawyer is needed because the foreign lawyer can't practice in China.

    In this regard, Beijing Ming Hang Law Firm offers the following services:

    1. Provide clients with legal advice about the international criminal processing.

    2. Represent the plaintiff or defendant to apply for alteration of criminal compulsory measures.

    3. Participate in the international criminal case of first trial, second trial and the retrial as a defender.

    4. Other legal services related to the international criminal litigation.

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