Labor Issues
  • Labor is the legal issue most frequently encountered by an enterprise and directly relates the daily business operation of the enterprise. At the same time, labor issue is directly related to the employees’ interests. Therefore, both the employer and the employee have to regard the labor issues with great concern. Beijing Ming Hang Law Firm’s legal services in this regard include but are not limited to:

    1.  Labor contracts: draft, review and amend the labor contracts; provide negotiation and mediation services for the clients involved in the disputes of labor contracts.

    2.  Social insurances: provide clients with the legal advices with regard to social insurances.

    3.  Economic compensation: provide clients with the legal advices on economic compensations; help client resolve the disputes of economic compensations by negotiations and mediation.

    4. Non-competition: draft, review or amend the non-competition contracts and settle non-competition disputes.

    5.  Employee confidentiality: draft, review or amend the employee confidentiality agreement and provide legal advices regarding to the employees’ obligations of confidentiality.

    6.  Dispute settlement: represent the enterprises or employees to apply for labor arbitration or file a lawsuit to the court.

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