• Qi Lianfeng gave speech at Cancham

    On Sep. 8, China’s leading family lawyer Qi Lianfeng gave a speech on the topic of Personal Legal Issues in China, including the issues of marriage, property etc.

    Qi lianfeng shared his experience and insights on the high-profile Crazy English divorce case. The planned 90-min seminar was prolong to 150 minutes in the end!
  • Qi Liangfeng gives speech at Austcham

    Qi Lianfeng gave a speech on Personal Legal Issues in China at Austcham Beijing on November 17.

    Qi Lianfeng gave a review on the Crazy-English Divorce Case also covered many important topics, which are related to everyones life.
  • Qi Lianfeng gave speech at EuroCham

    The founder of Beijing Minghang Law Firm, Mr Qi Lianfeng, was invited by the Legal Group of European Chamber in Beijing to give a speech on Civil Commercial LItigation Practice in China on Oct 28, 2016.

    Qi Lianfeng started preparing the presentation as of a month ago in order to deliver a helpful presentation to his audience.
  • Qi Lianfeng interviewed by Netease

    On Feb 17 at 15:00 Lawyer Qi Lianfeng received an online interview by Netease and gave his opinions on finding partners and managing relationships.Many viewers raised up their questions and Qi gave his answers patiently. This program got 80,000 viewers online and became the hottest interview during that time period.
    Legal Insight
  • Legal Effect of Gifting Prior to Will

    Natural persons that have complete capacity of civil acts have the right to dispose of their personal assets by means of will.

    The testator also has the right to dispose of his/her assets through gifting while still alive, without being bound by the act or the content of the will.
  • Divide Sole Property Owned by Couple

    In case where the two parties involved in the divorce lawsuit have only one property to live in, and this property is also in nature the couple’s joint assets, and neither party has the capability to compensate the other, can the court decide for each party to have 1/2 of the ownership of this property after divorce?
  • Legal Effect of Virtual Will

    Creation of a will is a formal juristic act. Due to the lack of vital elements of “be written by the testator him/herself, bear the testator’s signature, and be marked with year, month, date”, the so called “virtual will” that is saved in the computer in the form of “Posthumous Arrangements” can not be identified as self-written will as stipulated in Inheritance Law.
  • Jurisdiction on Divorce involving RE

    In the divorce case involved division of immovable assets, the jurisdiction shall be decided according to the principle of “plaintiff accommodates the defendant.

    If the couple had divorced but still have real estate to divide, the principle of jurisdiction by immovable assets location shall apply.
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