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When there is a disagreement or even a dispute between the clients to the contract, it should first be resolved through communication and negotiation, and try not to intensify the contradiction. How to communicate and negotiate with each other? This is both a communication and a legal work. In this regard, we can provide corresponding support to the clients, in order to resolve conflicts and to guard against legal risks.

If the contract dispute cannot be resolved through communication and negotiation, we can represent the clients to participate in litigation or arbitration. Contract litigation or arbitration is the most common litigation or arbitration case. If we want to do a good job in contract litigation or arbitration, we must conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation and profound analysis. This is also our consistent style of handling cases. With many years of experience in handling cases, I believe that we can resolve contract disputes for the clients.

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What Should a Buyer do if There Are Other People Claiming Rights to the Goods Bought by the Buyer?


The seller is obliged to ensure that no third party claims any rights against the buyer in respect of the goods delivered to the buyer. Otherwise, it constitutes a breach of contract to the buyer, and the seller should bear the liability for breach. However, if the buyer know or should know that a third party have rights in respect of the goods pu

The Seller Has No Ownership or Disposition of the Goods When Signing the Contract. How Effective is the Contract?


The sales contract is valid. If the ownership of the goods cannot be transferred due to the seller's lack of ownership or right to dispose of the goods, the buyer may claim to the people's court that the seller shall bear the liability for breach of contract or demand the termination of the contract and claim damages. However, in this case the con

The Buyer Accepts the Overdelivered Goods but Keeps Them for Safekeeping. Who Bears the Risk of Damage to the Goods?


It depends on the situations. The buyer may claim that the seller shall bear the storage expenses during the storage period and the losses not caused by the buyer's intention or gross negligence. Therefore, if the goods are damaged intentionally or due to the gross negligence of the buyer, the buyer shall be liable for compensation.

Goods Bought have not been Inspected. What if the Quality Problem is Found One Year Later?


Take different methods to solve different situations. The first situation: if the parties agree on the inspection period, the buyer shall, within the inspection period, notify the seller of the non-conforming quantity or quality of the goods. If the buyer fails to give the notice, the quantity or quality of the goods shall be deemed to be in confo

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