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We have extensive experience in solving economic disputes and have helped the clients solve many major economic cases. We can not only provide solutions to the clients from the technical points, but also propose solutions for the economic disputes of the clients from the strategic perspective. In other words, we can start from the practice of the case, combining the judicial practice, comprehensive legal professional experience, litigation strategy, overall strategy and other aspects, to provide solutions for the clients so as to help the parties solve the problem to the maximum extent. Specifically, we can provide the following assistance to the clients:

1. Provide legal advice to the clients regarding economic litigation;

2. Help the clients make a plan for the economic litigation;

3. Participate in the first instance of economic litigation, the second instance of economic litigation or the retrial of economic litigation on behalf of the clients;

4. Apply for compulsory execution of economic litigation judgment on behalf of the clients;

5. In economic litigation, assist the clients in communication and coordination with commercial organizations and government departments.


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