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The investment and M&A of multinational companies are of great significance to the company. Our services include but are not limited to:

1. Conduct legal research and provide legal advice for clients' M&A of equity or assets and restructuring;

2. Develop specific procedures of M&A or reorganizations for clients, and coordinate the work at all stages and in all aspects of M&A;

3. Conduct legal due diligence on behalf of clients on the acquisition of target enterprises or target assets.

4. Design and implement the merger and acquisition plan according to the results of the due diligence investigation;

5. Draft, review and modify legal documents for clients, including but not limited to cooperation letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, merger contracts, etc.;

6. apply for approval to the relevant departments of the Chinese government on behalf of the client and obtain the necessary approvals for mergers and acquisitions and restructuring on behalf of the client.

7. Assist clients in asset delivery or equity changes.

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