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As China becomes more international, more people from all over the world have personal contact with Chinese people, especially in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen. Many foreigners marry and start families with Chinese. Of course, there will be some legal problems, to which we can provide the parties with the following help:

1. Provide legal advice on transnational marriage for the parties;

2. Help the parties to plan solutions to their marriage problems;

3. Represent the parties to participate in the divorce proceedings of the first, second or retrial when and if the parties have decided to divorce.

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The problem is complicated. In general, the lawsuit should be filed in the court where the defendant is located. But there are plenty of exceptions. If the defendant is an individual, the plaintiff should sue in the court of the defendant's domicile. However, if the defendant leaves his place of residence and ends up living continuously in a place

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Zhang, the well-paid president of a listed company, bought a 10 million-plus hardcover apartment in Beijing. In 2001, he married his secretary Wang. In 2010, the couple decided to divorce. But Wang proposed that since they had been married for 9 years, Zhang's house had been converted into the couple's jointly-owned property and should be shared e

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Wang and Sa are university classmates and work in Beijing after graduation. After they got married in 2005, Wang's father used his savings to buy a total of more than 2 million houses in Beijing. In 2008, the couple decided to divorce. Sa agreed to a divorce and proposed to divide the couple's jointly-owned property, including a house bought by mo

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