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When foreign enterprises or individuals violate China's criminal law, they need the help of lawyers. However, foreign lawyers have no right to handle criminal cases in China. In this regard, we can provide the following services:

1. Provide legal advice to foreign enterprises or individuals to help them avoid violating China's criminal law;

2. When foreign enterprises or individuals are suspected of violating China's criminal law, provide legal support for the parties, communicate with public security bureau, procuratorate and other state agencies, and make reasonable explanations to state agencies;

3. Accept the entrustment of the parties during the investigation of criminal proceedings, provide legal assistance to the parties and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests;

4. Accept the entrustment of the parties during the review and prosecution stage or the trial stage of the criminal proceedings, and provide defense for the parties;

5. Accept the entrustment of the parties and defend the parties in the appeal stage.

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