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Qi Lianfeng and Leaders Visited Beijing Vice Mayor.


Lawyer Qi Lianfeng, the founder of Beijing Minghang Law Firm, met with the leaders of the Beijing Municipal People's Government. Beijing Vice Mayor Yin Yong cordially met with everyone. Vice Mayor Yin Yong was modest and enthusiastic, and had a cordial handshake and conversation with the venue. Vice Mayor Yin Yong gave a detailed introduction to the Beijing Municipal Government's work in simplifying the administration of power and optimizing the business environment.

Prior to his appointment as deputy mayor of Beijing, Vice Mayor Yin Yong served as the deputy governor of the People's Bank of China. So far, he has just served as deputy mayor of Beijing for several months. However, he knew all the work of the Beijing Municipal People's Government and even knew the details of each work. Everyone at the meeting was very admired.

Thanks to Beijing Municipal People's Government! Thanks to the leaders!

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