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Foreigners are Detained for Review for Illegal Employment. How Long is the Detention Review Period?

2020/1/16 17:28:11

Foreigners living and studying in China sometimes get into trouble for illegal employment. Some foreigners come to China with tourist visas but have found a job in China. Their illegal employment behavior was later discovered by the Chinese government, and after questioning, they were detained for review. How long will the detention review take?&nb

Can a Foreign Administrative Organ be the Defendant in an Administrative Lawsuit Filed in China?

2020/1/16 17:27:15

Amy is a foreigner who lives and works in China all year round. Amy teaches children's English in China and earns nearly 1 million yuan a year. Her income is taxable on time according to Chinese law. However, Amy finds that after paying the individual income tax in China, she has to pay the tax again in her own country. She thinks it was unreasonab

Can Foreigners Entrust Foreign Lawyers for Administrative Litigation in China?

2020/1/16 17:26:30

Many foreigners who want to bring administrative cases in China have one question: can they entrust foreign lawyers to represent them?  It is understandable that foreigners have such an idea. Foreigner do not speak Chinese in China, and they cannot fully trust Chinese lawyers because of the cultural differences between China and foreign coun

Foreigners are Administratively Detained in China for Breaking the Law. Will They be Known to Their Home Country?

2020/1/16 17:25:40

When a foreigner is detained in China for violation of the law, some people may choose to notify their embassy or consulate in China in order to hire a lawyer or protect their legitimate rights and interests in other ways. Laws also endorse and protect the choices of such people. After receiving the decision on the administrative detention of the

What if Foreigners are Deported in China for Breaking the Law? Can an Administrative Action be Brought?

2020/1/16 17:24:48

Deportation is an administrative penalty imposed by the Chinese government on foreigners. Under what circumstances will foreigners be deported by the Chinese government? There are the following situations: (1) Those who have been deported within a specified period of time and have not left the country within the prescribed time limit; (2) Those wh

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