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Can Foreigners Entrust Foreign Lawyers for Administrative Litigation in China?


Many foreigners who want to bring administrative cases in China have one question: can they entrust foreign lawyers to represent them? 

It is understandable that foreigners have such an idea. Foreigner do not speak Chinese in China, and they cannot fully trust Chinese lawyers because of the cultural differences between China and foreign countries. Instead, they trust their own lawyers more, hoping that their own lawyers will act as agents in litigation in China. However, according to the provisions of Chinese laws, foreigners who need to appoint lawyers to represent them in administrative litigation in China should appoint lawyers from Chinese law firms. That means foreigners can only entrust Chinese lawyers for administrative litigation in China.

Moreover, we need to remind foreign clients that when hiring Chinese lawyers, they must choose professional lawyers who are proficient in English or other foreign languages. Removing the language barrier is the first step in legal consultation. A lawyer proficient in a foreign language can communicate with the client, so that the lawyer can understand the client's meaning and fully express the client's appeal. Chinese law is so complicated in practice that it is difficult for foreigners to fully understand Chinese law. Chinese lawyers are familiar with Chinese laws, so they can work out better litigation plans for their clients and better protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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