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Economics & Law of CCTV Reports Crazy English Divorce Case(1)


In late August 2011, Kim, wife of crazy English founder Li Yang, sparked a heated debate when she publicly exposed Li Yang's domestic violence to her on weibo and released several photos to prove it.

On September 5, 2011, Li's American wife, Kim, published a series of pictures and words about her husband's violence against her on her micro blog, "丽娜华的MOM ", which suddenly put the famous English education expert in the center of public opinion. Li's wife posted photos of the injuries on her weibo account, saying she had suffered domestic violence from Li.

On October 25, 2011, Kim formally filed for divorce with the Chaoyang district people's court in Beijing. The first trial lasted a year and four months, and the process was full of ups and downs. After the first trial, CCTV's "Economy and Law" program interviewed Li's lawyer Qi Lianfeng, giving an in-depth report on the whole process of the case.

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