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Not only can we help the company draft contracts, but we can also develop contract models for the industries in which the clients are engaged. With a standard contract model, the company's efficiency will be greatly improved. The contracts we can draft for the company include (but are not limited to):

1. Lease contract (applicable to office leasing, etc.);

2. Sales and purchase contracts (applicable to business sales, etc.);

3. Software development contract (applicable to Internet companies);

4. Contracts for contracting (applicable to construction real estate, etc.);

5. Borrowing contracts (applicable to multiple types of enterprises);

6. Guaranteed contracts (applicable to multiple types of enterprises);

7. Partnership contract (applicable to entrepreneurs);

8. Investment contracts (applicable to entrepreneurship and financing);

9. Service contracts for various industries;

10. Other contracts.

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How to Stipulate the Quality of the Goods in the Contract?


The quality of the goods is a particularly important clause in the contract. The quality agreement is unclear, which will cause a lot of trouble to the future acceptance and payment collection. Of course, it is important that buyers will not be able to get what they want to buy. Precautionary measures: Firstly, it is necessary to clearly stipulate

When Signing a Contract, One Party Conceals Important Facts. Is the Contract Valid?


If the contract violates laws or damages the interests of the state, the contract shall be invalid; Otherwise, such a contract is an alterable or voidable contract. According to the provisions of the contract law, one party conceals material facts when signing a contract. If such concealment causes the other party to sign the contract under misund

Parties have not Signed a Written Contract. Is the Transaction Valid?


It depends on the specific situation. If the law requires a written contract to be signed, the transaction is invalid if no written contract is signed, such as a housing contract, a construction contract, etc. If the law does not require a written contract, an oral agreement is also valid, such as a furniture purchase contract, a fabric purchase c

What if the Quality is not Agreed?


If there are no national standards or trade standards, they shall be implemented according to the customary standard or specific standards conforming to the purpose of the contract. If the seller and the buyer do not agree on the quality of the goods in advance, both parties can negotiate on the quality issue. If no agreement can be reached throug

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