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Civil & Commercial Litigation Practice In China

2020/1/10 11:38:27

Foreigners always encounter various legal issues in China, and some need to be resolved through civil or commercial litigation. In this publication, we will provide you with basic legal knowledge related to Chinese litigation. We also recommend that you resolve related legal issues by consulting our lawyers. Civil&Commercial Litigation Pra

Relationships in Civil Proceedings

2020/1/10 11:39:26

Some foreigners think that the Chinese always like to talk about relationships, and think that it is easier to do things when they have relationships. In this article, we will explore what is the relationship in civil litigation. Firstly, the government relationship to be mentioned here means the relationship between the party and the court. How t

Preservation of Property in Civil Proceedings

2020/1/10 11:39:26

Property preservation refers to the fact that if an interested party is in an urgent situation and does not apply for property preservation immediately, its legal rights and interests will be irreparably damaged. The interested party can apply to the people's court before prosecution. This often occurs when a party is transferring property in the

Evidence and Evidence Rules in Chinese Civil Litigation

2020/1/10 11:39:26

Evidence is the basis and the first important part of a civil litigation. As a result, investigating, collecting, analyzing and assembling the evidence are the first important work for a civil litigation case. According to the Civil Procedural Law of PRC, the principle of producing evidence is that either party is obliged to provide evidence to su

How to hire a lawyer to deal with the lawsuit in China

2020/1/10 11:39:26

If the plaintiff or the defendant wants to hire a lawyer, a Chinese lawyer must be hired because the foreign lawyer can't practice litigation in China according to Chinese law. In this article, we will summarize what procedures are required in the power of attorney (POA) in different situations. For natural persons, if the POA is signed outside of

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