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Relationships in Civil Proceedings


Some foreigners think that the Chinese always like to talk about relationships, and think that it is easier to do things when they have relationships. In this article, we will explore what is the relationship in civil litigation.

Firstly, the government relationship to be mentioned here means the relationship between the party and the court. How to handle very well relationship with court? We should: (1) respect the judge; (2) never make trouble to the judge; (3) follow the judge's command in the process of litigation.

Please don't think illegal relationship can change the result of a case definitely. A lot of facts have proved it is not true that the illegal relationship does work for a case definitely.

Secondly, some cases have a large social impact. Lawyers not only need to deal with legal affairs, but also need to disclose it to the public. In public relations, professional lawyers need to develop appropriate public relations plans and strategies. As the case progresses, lawyers need to consider what information should be disclosed to the public and how to answer public questions.

As a lawyer, we need to foresee what direction the litigation will go and therefore make a proper strategy and further help the client handle personal relationship correctly.

Civil litigation is not only a discussion of the application of law, but also a variety of interpersonal relationships. As a team of professional lawyers, we have the confidence and ability to handle the relationship in civil lawsuits for you to help you better safeguard your legitimate rights and interests.

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