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Chinese Lawyer is a MUST for a lawsuit.


According to Chinese laws, foreign lawyers do not have the right to handle litigation case in China. That is to say, a foreign lawyer does not have the right to attend the court trial in China on behalf of the client. Thus, the foreigner involved in lawsuit in China should not hire a foreign lawyer to handle the lawsuit for him/her. Meanwhile, the Chinese laws and regulations are so complex that it is impossible for a foreign lawyer to understand the Chinese litigation process. Only Chinese lawyer can truly understand the litigation proceedings in China. So, how can the foreigner get legal help with the litigation case in China? A foreigner has to hire a Chinese lawyer to handle litigation when and if he/she is involved in lawsuit because the Chinese lawyer has full and lawful right and power to attend the litigation process on behalf of the international clients coming from the whole world.

However, the actual problem is that most Chinese lawyer cannot communicate with the client with regard to the case in English or the client's native language. Foreign clients need to hire a Chinese lawyer who can communicate in English. The Chinese lawyer should be able to explain in English the cultural and legal differences between the client’s mother country and China, the litigation procedures and the laws of China. Otherwise, the Chinese lawyer cannot work for the foreign client. Due to the above practical reasons, foreigners in China must hire a Chinese lawyer when and if they have to handle litigation cases in China.

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