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Hiring a Chinese lawyer is very necessay.


We have provided legal services in China to clients coming from many countries, such as the US, UK, Korea, Japan and so on. In the process of providing legal services to these international clients, we found it difficult for them to understand something in China, such as Chinese laws and regulations. Many things in China that seem simple to Chinese people are completely incomprehensible for foreigners.

Some houses cannot be used to register a company in Beijing and only the house used for business legally can be as the legal premises of a company. Most cities in the world don't have this requirement for setting up a company. It is impossible that a foreign investor knows the above Beijing's requirement for setting up a company when and if this foreigner just comes to China. Without consulting with a Chinese lawyer about the process of setting up a company in Beijing, China, the foreigner may rashly rent a house that cannot be used for registering a company, and it may lead to the failure of registering the company because the office does not meet the requirements and further result in a dispute with landlord.

A labor contract must be signed within one month after the employee is hired. Otherwise the employee should be paid double the salary from the second month to the 12th month according to the Labor Contract Law of PRC.

In a word, a foreign investor should know Chinese laws and culture if the foreign investor wants to do business in China. Otherwise, he/she may go to the wrong way, make mistakes and even suffer losses. In order to avoid making mistakes and suffering losses, it is necessary to consult with Chinese lawyers.

Currently, many foreign investors come to China to look for business opportunities. As a Chinese lawyer, I strongly suggest that foreign investors doing business in China should hire a Chinese lawyer to advise them. The facts have proved that a foreigner can hardly do anything in China if the foreign investor does not learn the Chinese culture and laws.

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