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The Beijing Minghang Law Firm has been helping the clients find solutions for difficult legal problems. Many of the cases handled by Minghang Law Firm were these legal problems that most lawyers don’t think it possible to solve. For some major and difficult cases, our surprising points have been recognized by many senior judges and international lawyers.

Very few lawyers deal with international family legal affairs, international administrative legal affairs and international criminal legal affairs relating to China. Dealing with these legal matters is our specialty. In this regard, we have helped a lot of clients. Of course, the international legal services in the commercial field is also the service we often provide to our clients.

Minghang Law Firm gives you a clear direction!

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Hiring a Chinese lawyer is very necessay.


We have provided legal services in China to clients coming from many countries such as the US UK Korea Japan and so on. In the process of providing legal services to these inteational clients we found it difficult for them to undetand something in China such as Chinese laws and regulatio. Many things in China that seem simple to Chinese people are completely incompreheible for foreigne. Some houses cannot be used to register a company in Beijing and only the house used for business legally can be as the legal premises of a company. Most cities in the world don't have this requirement for setting up a company. It is impossible that a foreign investor knows the above Beijing's requirement for setting up a company when and if this foreigner just comes to China. Withou..

Chinese Lawyer is a MUST for a lawsuit.


According to Chinese laws foreign lawye do not have the right to handle litigation case in China. That is to say a foreign lawyer does not have the right to attend the court trial in China on behalf of the client. Thus the foreigner involved in lawsuit in China should not hire a foreign lawyer to handle the lawsuit for himher. Meanwhile the Chinese laws and regulatio are so complex that it is impossible for a foreign lawyer to undetand the Chinese litigation process. Only Chinese lawyer can truly undetand the litigation proceedings in China. So how can the foreigner get legal help with the litigation case in China A foreigner has to hire a Chinese lawyer to handle litigation when and if heshe is involved in lawsuit because the Chinese lawyer has full and lawful right and power t..

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